16 August 2013

August 2012

August in Texas is HOT. We spend as much time in-doors as we can, and when you're outdoors you better be wet. We frequent splash pads and pools in the summer months.

The girls were still adjusting to having a brother in the house. They tried playing with him the best they could. It often ending like this:

Hayley and her family stopped by to visit and see ATX. We took them to our favorite Mexican restaurant downtown, Big Top Candy Shop and then finished the night watching the bats fly. It was a fun visit.

Camille and Jill were invited to a horse party. Both were in heaven. I still dream of owning a horse some day.

Coco boy got his first hair cut.
We love going to RR Express games but sometimes it's a little boring. My minime and me passed time at one game making twin faces.
We also had a visit from Jeff's youngest brother Ross. Stan was living with us, so it was a Taylor Boy reunion. Ross was headed out to the Philippines on his mission in just two weeks.

Jeff and Stan were really busy working so me and the kids took Ross to our favorite Austin spot: Krause Springs. It's a natural spring that pools, and waterfalls, on private property that is just gorgeous. We swam and explored all day.

On the 21st I turned 30.  I was actually really looking forward to it.  I've been so happy and loving my life that this milestone felt like one more wonderful happy day. A day to celebrate. My dear friends took me to lunch, Jeff and the kids took me to a steak dinner, and when we got home....there was a surprise party for me. It was the greatest day!
Jillian started school...I was a bit of an emotional wreck all week. On Thursday they had the Welcome Walk, all the teachers came and did a home visit to each student. I LOVED IT. Jillian's teacher was Mrs. Estes. I think it really helped Jillian not be so nervous for Monday.

(Coco tangent)
Really, could he be any cuter?

The first day of school started with all smiles. We drove near the school and then me and Camille walked Jill in.  When it was time to say bye the smiles were gone. This picture cracks me up. I really wish we had half day kinder. Full day is so long to be away from my little 5 year old. I hated it just as much as she did.
Camille got to go meet her Preschool teacher, Ms. Shelley. She was in our ward and did it out of her home. Camille had no nerves or hesitation. She's my out-going one.

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Scott said...

Weird - I fell like I went through a time warp! Here it is, August 16th - and you're talking about the 21st (your REAL birthday) as though it already happened? What is going on here?!! My mind is BLOWN!

Double Rainbow - What does it mean??!!