03 September 2013

April 2013

Well, I got a call from the real estate agent saying he wanted to come take a look at the house. We have been very vocal about our desire to purchase this home in the near future. We had asked if we could renew our lease for one more year as we would be able to buy it then. When he came to the home he started taking pictures and then walked outside and slapped this sign in the front yard. I felt like he literally hit me in the gut. I asked what the deal was and he just said, "the owner needs to sell". He didn't tell me what day it's going to hit the market or any other real information. I'm so sick about it. People will drive by and slow down, take pictures of the outside of the home and the sign. If I'm outside, they get out of their car and ask me tons of questions. I hate it.
In better news, Coco continues to hone his ball skills. Not only does he throw a mean fast ball, he now can dribble a basketball, and kick a soccer ball. Granted he's not walking but he makes it happen. He really has amazed me. On day at the girls soccer practice he was watching them kick the ball around. He then saw a free ball and bear-crawled (his current choice of movement) to the ball, angled his body just right and kicked that sucker with all his might. Then, he chased it down like Mowgli would've, and kicked it again. This day me and Jill were outside shooting around and once we put the basketball down he promptly went to get it. He rolled it onto the pavement and grabbed it with two hands, threw it down (dribble), caught it again, and threw it down again.  I just can't believe it sometimes.
I ended up putting the girls on the same team for the spring soccer season. This meant that Camille was playing up. Although it is tough for her playing against bigger kids, she didn't give up. It was a lot easier on me and my schedule to have them on the same team, but I don't think I'll do it again.
I've been following a few yogi's on Instagram and I always want to try what they do.
Our ward has an annual camp-out and we were able to go. Texas this time of year is just gorgeous with all the blue bonnets blooming like crazy. The campsite had a large meadow with huge patches of the flowers. It was so beautiful.
The weather was perfect but the fire made it a little too warm during the day.
Jeff's good friend from HS invited us to his wedding in Marfa, TX. It's about 6 hrs away so I told Jeff to go and I'd stay with the kids. At the last minute was pawned off the kids with our wonderful friends for two nights and had a getaway. We brought our bikes and had a great time riding around the small, artsy town. It was such a slow moving, small place, that I felt like I had be transported back 50 yrs.
Here's the bride and groom: Rich and Megan Coffey
We had a warm patch of weather and had to take advantage of our backyard while we still have it.

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