16 September 2013

June 2013

The girls finished Spring soccer and were so proud to get their trophy's. I've loved them being on the same team for my own purposes but Jill is moving up next season so it won't happen again soon.
Jeff turned 33 this year. He was happy with a low key party. He has been so busy at work that celebrating is just not on his mind lately. Here's the family after he blew his candles out.  
Jeff had to make a fast weekend trip to AZ for work stuff and a wedding. He thought it'd be fun to have Coco tag a long. Here's my tired boy on the plane.
With the boys gone we decided to have a pampering day. We got our hair cut and our nails painted. The girls loved it!
I put the girls in a summer basketball league. I was really excited about it. They were less than thrilled. They hated the practices but loved the games.  Hopefully they'll learn to love it. I really enjoyed b-ball growing up and I can help them way more in this than in soccer.
The spring this year was unbelievably perfect. It has just now started heating up enough for the pool. Jillian has really become confident in the water which makes me so happy. Here she is doing a back dive and a back flip.
I bought a little kiddie pool for Coco but can't keep everyone else out.
Here's our newest addition. I've never had a first term ultrasound. I liked seeing the little babe so early. My nausea and extreme fatigue is the only other sign I have so far that I'm pregnant. Having the ultrasound was a nice little reassurance.

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Unknown said...

very impressive that jillian looks like shes not even scared to pull those moves into the pool.