12 January 2015

February 2014

It's true what they say, the older I get the faster time goes. The fact that I have a family of 6 blows my mind sometimes. These four are my life.

Cecil Pete has been growing well. It took him awhile to catch onto nursing and he has been my worst sleeper so far. All is forgiven when he looks this cute.

I bought a handful of crafts to keep the girls occupied while I was still healing. This canvas painting was by far the favorite for all of us. They turned out lovely and now hang in their room.

Jeff took the girls to Daddy-Daughter Dance at the YMCA this year. The Disney princesses showed up and the girls had a fabulous time. Jeff said he'll never go back to that dance again. He wasn't happy that the princesses came and took the attention of all the little girls. He wanted the attention of the girls. Next year we'll have to find another dance for them to attend. 

I often find pictures of random things on my phone from when the kids are playing with it. I always love to find mini-selfies: 

We always love finding little critters outside. Sometimes they get brought inside. 

Coco has really beautiful curly hair. He gets called a girl a lot though. Jeff and I go back and forth all the time about whether or not to cut it. I does get a little crazy looking sometimes.  

If you can make eye contact with this little baby you are rewarded with this:

My brother Scott lives in Michigan and I only get to see him every other year. Scott is in Residency to become an Ophthalmologist and had a class for the month in Houston. He stayed at my other brother Jeff's home but came out to Austin for a weekend to see us. The girls loved spending time with him and I really enjoyed catching up. I know I say this all the time, but I really really wish I lived closer to all my family. 

Camille lost her first tooth. I'm becoming more squeamish as I get older. I almost couldn't pull it out. 

When there is crazy weather the girls have in door recess.  Jillian loves it because she gets free time to be creative. she made this monogram headband one day and wore it for days after. 

Cecil Pete never minded tummy time too much. His old man hair always cracked me up. 

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