14 January 2015

March 2014

Camille had a Dr. Seuss day at school. We choose to do her hair like Cindy Lou Who. Everyone seemed to love it, especially Camille. 

I was flipping through a notebook and found this random picture that Jillian drew. It is our friends the Rattray's and us. The way she drew Jeff's hair seriously cracks me up!

We blessed Cecil Pete mid-month. We were so grateful to have both sides of the family come out. 

Jeffs family loves to study and analyse the features of the children. I love to hear about where they think the nose is from or what shape the eyes are.  

We chose to bless Cecil at home. 

We invited a few good friends and of course our family. It was very special. I regret not getting a picture of the whole group. Not pictured is all of my brothers family, Jeff aunts Becky and Judy, his cousin Christina, and Tui's family. 

Uncle Zack was able to come out a day after the blessing. 

The end of the month brought on warmer temps. Coco's poor head would get so sweaty and Jillian's hair has always been stringy so we decided they needed a good chop. Here's some before and after.

The lady that cut Coco's hair did a real hack job.  I mean it was terrible and super uneven. After a few day's Jeff and I decided to take the clippers to it.  

Jillian's turned out adorable.

Later that week Jillian had a singing performance at school and one of her art paintings got selected to be framed and on display in the hall all of next year. 

Jeff has been serving in the Young Men organization at our ward.  They had a camp-out planned and Jeff decided to take the older three kids with him. Once he got out to the camp site at Berry Springs, he realized he was a week early. He decided to camp with the kids anyway. Cecil and I came out the next morning to spend time there. It is a favorite spot for us. 

At the end of the month I enrolled Camille in swimming lessons. She's always been timid around water and with summer around the corner and an extra baby, I needed her to be safe.  She thrived in the lessons but after four times I put her with a friend from the YMCA for private lessons and that's where she really learned her stuff.  I think I'll put the top three in privates next year, it was that good. 

When I was a little girl I really looking up to Marion Jones. I always felt like we were the same and if together, we'd be best friends. We both played basketball and did the same events in track. I had her pictures on my wall and loved watching her in the Olympics.  I was so let down when the truth about her steroid use came out. She's made a few more public bad decisions, but has now changed her live around. She does motivational speaking for young athletes and also coaches.  
I've been working out at the YMCA since we moved to Texas.  A few times I'd see who I thought looked like Marion at the gym.  Finally, she took a complete of the fitness class that I was in and there was no denying who she was.  I got to chat with her and she was so gracious to take a picture with me after we sweat it out for an hour.  I plan on asking her to race me one day but I think that can wait until we become best friends. 
Don't we look like we could be twins? Basically the same person. 

Another season of soccer begun and Jillian moved up to a larger field and is no longer playing co-ed. We have stuck with the same coaches and it seems to be becoming her sport of choice.

Camille is getting a little more interested in the game I think. Although, she says she only likes the practice and not the games. 

And then there's this dude. Still smiling. 

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