19 January 2015

June 2014

This cute outfit was Jeff's when he was a baby. Then Coco wore it and now lil' Ce.  I love stuff like this, plus it's just the cutest romper.

Our chicks have entered the teenage phase.  You can see how big Allison is and how little Peggy is.  Sadly Rosie is gone.  We aren't sure if an animal got her her she ran away.  The chicks have been staying outside and both scenarios are likely. 

Jeff turned 34.  We went to a Brazilian steakhouse downtown with a group of friends.  After we ate ourselves silly we went to watch the Austin symphony perform at Zilker.  It was good times. 

Here we are at a Texas Stars game.  It was good to get into the cold area because it's been so hot out. 

Well, we moved again.  Third house in three and a half years.  Same situation happened as last time.  The owner wanted to sell and we weren't ready to buy.  Ugh.  I'm so sick of moving.  On the bright side, a move makes me purge.  Shortly after the move we had a garage sale.  The girls, with Jeff's help, held their first little business venture.  They sold donuts, lemonade, and water at the garage sale.  They tripled their profits.  It was pretty exciting. 

One good thing about the move is that we are really close to trails.  We've been exploring and enjoying the area.  Jillian wanted to go on a trail run with me one day.  We walked more than we ran but it was really fun to exercise with my little one.  

This picture makes me cringe.  We went to a fun splash pad mid-month.  After an hour or so, I heard a really loud thud.  I turned to see Jillian on the ground.  I immediately ran over there.  I was most concerned about her head.  Janice drove to a nearby gas station to get some ice.  Jillian's head seemed okay but she kept holding her thumb on her right hand.  It started to swell quickly.  That night I got her a splint and decided to wait and see how it felt over the weekend.  Poor thing only got worse.  On Monday I took her to urgent care for an x-ray.  Sure enough it, was fractured.  The first break for our family.  I was happy it happened during the summer and after her piano recital.  We withdrew her from gymnastics, and piano.  She was actually really happy about quitting gymnastics as she'd been asking to quit for months and months.  
With the splint on she seemed to be healing quickly, so I chose not to see an ortho dr. Now I just have to teach my kids not to run at splash pads.   

Camille got another round of swim lessons with a different gal.  It worked like a charm.  Here she is after her fourth lesson jumping off the diving board.

My handsome boys, once again getting dragging everywhere. 

I got a killer deal on tickets for Sea World so we all went at the end of the month.  I do feel conflicted about supporting places like this and zoo's. We all had a great time though. 

While the dolphin and whale shows were amazing, the roller coasters were every one's favorite thing.  We even had Camille wear taller shoes and put her hair in a high ponytail to get her onto one of the coasters.  

Coco got his first taste of thrill rides.  He kinda loved it and kinda hated it.  

Cecil got to ride the merri-go-round and seemed happy about that. 

On the way back to town we stopped at the temple grounds in San Antonio. 
I love taking the kids to the temple.  I wish we lived closer to one. 

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