09 December 2006

7 weeks and growing big!!

I've hit 10 lbs. can you tell?!
Jill acts shy sometimes when I'm making her smile. I'm still trying ot get use to the bow on a sweat band. Not sure that I like the look, but it keeps her ears warm, and catches any extra sweat she my have on her head. :)
Jill met Santa for the first time yesterday. She was pretty inpartial to the whole situation. We were at a Christmas party at the skating rink. I've forgot how fun it is to skate around and around and around. I may sound sarcastic but I really do have fun skating. Unfortunatly they didn't have skates to fit Jill. She was pretty sad.


jeff p said...

Those are some cute pictures. Jill looks like she is getting big... but not santa big (we noticed he is on the last inch of his belt). she looks long. Can't wait to meet her.

Mom and Dad Pete said...

What a beautiful girl!!! I am not biased at all.-dad pete

Sarah Peterson said...

I think those are some of the most adorable pictues of her yet! She is getting cuter by the day! Livie needs to meet Santa too!

Nettie said...

I LOVE THE SHY SMILE! I think that middle picture is the cutest EVER! What a doll!

Anonymous said...

Alisha -I came across your blog while looking at Nettie's (I got to her's through the Sorensen Family page)! Congrats on the baby! She is beautiful! Tim and I are expecting a boy in march, but I wish he was already here, I'm done with being pregnant! Take care, and I'll have to check back to see how things are going!
Kassi (Schank) Sorensen