13 December 2006

our little girl has a little cold:(

Jillian woke up today with a little cough, a lot of sneezes and a little runny nose!! (of-course everything with her is little b/c she's just a little person). you can hear the congestion when she coughs, it's so sad!! my bulb syringe is worthless, so if her cold gets worse i'll need one that actually sucks. she's been handling it with a smile though!!
Jillian has to be going through a growth spurt!! the past few days she's been wanting to eat every two hours!! feeding takes approx 30 minutes. with only two hours from the start of 30 min feeding to the start of the next not much is getting done around the home. i am not complaining. i'd much rather hold my sweet one close and feed her than sweep anyday!! :)

Jill finally likes her swing. actually it's not the swinging she likes. she loves the mobile on top of the swing. she smiling at the zebra, her favorite.
she's a little concerned about what just happened to her nose. (i tried the syrine with no success)
this is jill's new favorite spot. the corner of the couch helps her sit up.
i just liked this one. i wonder if her eyes will stay blue.


scott said...

If your bulb syringe doesn't work, why would you replace it with one that sucks? Don't you want one that doesn't suck? Isn't that the point of getting a new one so that it doesn't suck anymore? Get rid of the sucky sucker and get a non-sucky sucker.

Taylor Tree said...

i do want one that sucks. i want one that sucks better than the one i have. :)

Sarah P. said...

she is smiling lots! and her eyes are much bluer now then they were before- beautiful!!! I like how she is smiling with her tounge out in one of the pics- just like her cousin! Yeah, you really need a good sucker, it really helps when it gets bad

Victor and Kathy Karcich said...

She is getting so big! She's cute and adorable. I love her, "what the heck" are you doing to me picture! The expression says it all.