26 December 2006

the best christmas yet!!

I put Jill in my stocking because she provided me with the best Christmas yet!! On Christmas Eve's eve she gave me her first real belly laugh. I've heard her giggle while sleeping a lot. Awake she's only squealed and giggled less than a handful of times. On the 23rd while in the bath she really laughed!! It was so fun. I was splashing her feet around and she couldn't get enough. She's hasn't laughed like that since but I can't wait for more.
To make Christmas even better she has begun conversations with me. Okay, it's really just imitations but I love it. Jillian's been cooing for about a week, but there kinda random and unpredictable. Last night (Chrstimas night) I was basically doing ". . .fa, so, la . . ." with "ooo" and "aaa" . All the sudden she was copying me. I'd respond to her sounds and she mine. Jill is learning so fast!! I love to hear her sweet little voice. What great presents!!!

We had a busy but nice Christmas day. This picture was at the Crane's (Jeff's mom) annual Christmas brunch. Jill had fun getting to know her cousins. After lunch we were able to talk to Stanley. He gets home in a month!! We can't believe how fast two years went. We missed spending time with the Peterson's and hope to see you all soon. Tomorrow we leave to go to Hawaii and spend time with the Taylor's. We can't wait. Hopefully Jill will be okay on the plane, she's nervous :)


Kristen said...

Nice Background ;) (In the first photo.)

Poppa & Grandma Netty said...

I showed this pic to Grandma Crane and she was so thrilled ....two more sweet "Greats" So far she has 4 Girls and when Sarah has hers it will be 5......Janae will save the day in April with a little Great Grandson.
Thanks Janae.