19 December 2006

Big bow for a big day

As we get ready for Christmas I can't help but reflect on how our life has changed in the past year. At this time last year Jeff and I were working night shift, half in a home half in an apartment, both working Sundays, and Jeff was spending more time with criminals than with family. Now we're established in our home and ward, have a normal sleep schedule, jeff isn't commuting 2 hours to deal with bad people, and we have a special addition. The Lord has blessed us more than mentioned here and we recognize His hand in our life.
Jillian is a healthy 2 months old!! (okay really not 'till tomorrow the 20th, but i had a moment to post). She is such a sweetheart. Jill loves to sleep with mom after her morning snack. She also loves when Jeff gets home and plays with her. Three days ago, Jill started to "coo". We love talking to her and letting her respond. We're so excited to see what new things she'll do this month!!
Jill loves being held by momma and momma loves to hold her.
I originally thought today was her 2 month birthday, thus the big bow. I was later informed that i was a day early by my friend i visit teach (her twin girls are exactly 1 month older).
kinda silly but really really cute.


the wrights said...

Well she has to be the cutest almost 2 month old I have ever seen. I love her looking into the camera and giving that sweet smile. I can't wait to coo it up with her.

Mom and Dad Pete said...

She just smiles all the time. She is really a happy baby, huh? She is really cute, and she loves that camera! She poses!!

Kristen said...

Well, just a little FYI...I never know what day it is, let alone the date. I just know that when Jon doesn't go to work it must be Saturday.

Jill is so cute. I can't belive how much hair she has! Sam is still working on that. I love the bow.

scott said...

Those are some of the cutest pictures I have seen! Especially the close-up with the bow.

Sarah Peterson said...

Jillian is such a smiler! It's so cute! I wish Olivia would smile for the camera- whenever it comes out she immediately stops smiling. It's quite annoying!