28 February 2007

Jill bill of health

Jill got her SHOTS yesterday. No matter how many shots I've given, I don't think I'll ever get use Jill getting shot. I didn't cry this time, so I am getting better. The feeling that I've had consistently with each appointment is anger. I get so mad at the medical assistants' that give the shots. First of all, why can't the GREAT MEDICAL FIELD find a way that four shots can be combined to one. Secondly, if the vaccine for rota virus is oral, why can't the others be oral and get rid of needles all together? Thirdly, is there not another helper so you can do all four shots at once, instead of one after another after another after another? Fourthly, I know that I could've do a better job than that stupid nurse!!!! Okay, so the medical assistance did a pretty good job (much better than the one at the two months appointment), she nice and compassionate and knew what she was doing. Now that I've vented my frustration, here's Jills stats. . .
(don't make fun of my sweet bean pole)

Height: 24 inches long (40th percentile)
Head: 16 inches round (30th percentile)
Weight: 12 lbs (10-15th percentile)

The doctors not worried about her weight. She said that it's probably her 'genetic make-up'. Jill danced and smiled for the doctor and we got a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH.
(Sorry, no pictures. Batteries are dead)


the wrights said...

I won't make fun of your sweet bean pole if you won't make fun of my sweet linebacker. DEAL!!!

Valerie said...

On the fourth child, I still get upset with each round of shots. (Well, not so much with the older ones, but with my baby--DON'T HURT HER!!)

Carrie's a big girl--75th percent in weight (she's 14'12''), 90th percent in height and 95th in head circumference. I wish some day that my child would just be average in size...or petite. It's just not going to happen!

Most important is that clean bill of health! It's nice to know they're growing and developing. I just LOVE this age!

Kristen said...

Sam never got four shots at once! How horrible!!! I'm sure the most he ever got was three. I can only remember him getting two though, one in each leg. Usually the first one, he didn't even notice. As far as I know, they do have the immunizations combined to lessen the blow. Poor Jill!

sarah P. said...

Olivia always gets 4 shots tooo. They get 2 people to do it though. They count to 3 and poke in each leg at the same time (2 on each leg) Maybe you should ask to have 2 people... it makes it faster! It's no fun to hold em down while they cry...poor babies!

Nettie said...

I hate shots too, but we have had really good luck with our nurses. They are done before I even notice it. Morgan cries, of course, but mostly because we have to lay her down in an unfamiliar place.

Actually, I take that back...one time the nurse forgot to give her one of the shots (flu). We were checking out and I noticed that the flu shot wasn't listed. So we either had to come back another time, go without the shot, or hold her down a second time for the flu shot. I decided to go with holding her down a second time--it was very sad. I changed doctors that day when I scheduled her next appt.

About oral vaccines. I would much rather put MOrgan through a shot than try to get her to take it by mouth. She does NOT do well with medicine--we're talking gagging, spitting, and dry heaving until she finally throws it up!

Sarah Peterson said...

Nettie- Olivia is the same way- she HATES medicine. Its a pain because she screams and whips her head back and forth... I'm not sure if oral would be much better for Olivia, but it would be nice for older people!

James said...

I hate needles!!! :\