22 February 2007

Pink flamingo

jill won't use both legs at the same time. she loves to stand on one. it is hilarious to watch her. she also loves to try and jump. she's taking after her mom:)
daddy and baby staying up late. when jill's tired her eyes and nose get pink, but she still smiles.


the wrights said...

So cute!!! Have you already started giving her dance lessons? Jeff looks really pretty in that picture.

Sarah Peterson said...

hahahaha, I'm laughing out loud. I love the pink flamingo look! What a funny girl! And Jeff's hair- WOW! IT's getting loooong!

Valerie said...

Oh, Alisha! I want to meet Jillian. I think she looks like such fun. I love the flamingo stand. Carrie's all about standing at this point! I absolutely love this age. They start to babble and drool...what a cute girl you have!