20 February 2007


four months today and almost sitting up!! okay so she still needs our help but she really wants to do it herself.
after. i'm pretty sure this move is on purpose and not accidental anymore. everyday it seems like she gets more coordinated and more animated. i love watching her progression. i've worked a couple 8 hour shifts and Jeff has gotten to spend more time with Jill. she loves her dad!! i think that it has helped them bond and now she really lights up when he comes in the room. we love having this sweet heart in our lives. what a great four months!


the wrights said...

She is pretty pleased with her little reflection in the mirror. Shouldn't we all feel like that when we look in the mirror? "I am pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!" That is what Jillian is thinking, or she might be thinking, "Hey, do you want to be my friend?"

Poppa & Grandma Netty said...

I hope you are still taking this many pics when the other 9 come along. It does get harder but if anyone will do it ....it is you.
Love the reflection picture. It is unanimous we think she's perfection and so does she!