01 February 2007

stans home!!!

jill was so excited to meet uncle stanley. look how anxious she is :)
they hit it off. it's so great to see stan home. we are so proud of him.
a little blurry, but i love the expressions. smiles can be seen but happy tears can be felt. stan just returned from his mission in RioDeJanerio Brazil North. jeff's excited to help stan adjust and i'm sure he'll be a great uncle for jill. we can't wait to hear more stories and see pictures from Brazil.


the wrights said...

So cute, Alisha!!! I have the cutest picture that you took of Stan and Jillian. I promise I will send it to you when I get all the pictures downloaded off of my camera.

Mom and Dad Pete said...

Jillian looks awed. "What in the world is going on now?" Stan looks really 'taken'with her. Her hair doesn't stick up like it used too--cut-verycute though.

Valerie said...

Alisha, I love the sign! What a sweet moment. Glad you posted it!

Poppa & Grandma Netty said...

What a fun memory for Jilli to see as she grows up. When she gets to know Stan she will really see this photo as something special.