19 June 2007

My Top 7

well, due to popular demand i have been stewing over "my top 7" for a week now. i think i've finally narrowed it down. however, these are not in any particular order. before i get started...jills new favorite spot to hang out is the sink!! every time i walk toward the bathroom she starts kicking and giggling etc. its a cute little sit for her!

1. Being a Mommy
who would have ever thought that being a mother could be so fun? i love the smiles, giggles, diapers, "baba's", etc. i especially love nursing jillian. now that my milk supply is less, i am realizing what a relaxing, bonding, special time it is for me. jill is always finding ways to amaze me. today while i was getting her bath ready she crawled over to me and began to pull herself up. how can you not love that?!! i didn't' even notice until she touched my leg and then promptly fell onto the floor. then she began to cry...oh man i love that cry! as you can tell i could go on and on.

2. Working in the Yard
i really love being in my backyard. i love to mow the lawn and smell the sweetness of freshly cut grass. i love to pull weeds. why? you might be asking yourself: a)i'm outside b) it makes the yard look better c)it reminds me of waking up in fallon at 7:00 during the summers and pulling weeds as a family d)it makes me feel strong when i see the earth (dirt) move and i pull out these huge roots!! i really do enjoy it. in fact, on my walks with jill, it's not uncommon for me to bend down and pull a few weeds from the neighbors yard. i love to plant flowers. even though i have yet to plant any that last longer than a week or two i still love it. i really like to water all my plants with the hose and then spray me and jill. it's so hot here now that were pretty much dry by the time we get back into the house. lastly, i love to watch my plants grow and bloom (i'm good with other plants, just not flowers:).

3. Tahoe and surrounding area
Lake Tahoe was my refuge (along with fallon) while i lived in Reno. often times i would drive up there alone and just spend the day on the sand or a rock and read and book or just breath. this is still number one on my list of places i want to live. i love the summer, i love the winter. the trees are awesome, the water is clear green/blue, the mountains are big. tahoe has it all, waterfalls, coves, beaches, islands, hiking, swimming, snow fun. i also love the truckee river and all the little lakes around truckee. i've been rock sliding, cliff jumping, fishing and camping. i really love any outdoors, but Tahoe and surrounding areas' are number 1 for me.

4. Coming Home after a long Vacation
i really love to vaction! jeff and i have been on some pretty sweet vacations. however, as much as i love being on vacation i almost enjoy coming home more. i love that first night back in my bed. can't get better than that.

5. Dancing/Working-out
i still love to dance. in high school and college my favorite activity was the church dances. i've been bugging our activities committee to get an adult dance on the schedule, but it doesn't seem that too many others are as enthusiastic about it as me. i'm going to start taking classes again and i'm thinking about teaching from home. anyway, i don't think that i will ever tier of dance.
if i'm dancing regularly than i'm working out in other ways. i love a good sweat session. give me 1 hour a day to run/swim/bike/tennis/b-ball/jump rope etc. and i will be happier, sweeter, healthier, more energetic. if i go a week without working out i seem to get into a funk. i just want to lay around, be rude and eat bad. not a good combination. when i run(this is my most steady workout) i'm outside and i love the outdoors!!

6. Laughing until I have to pee
sorry for being blunt. i really love to laugh hard. (it's also a good workout:).

7. The Primaryi love my church calling. i get to spend church with the sweetest little people ever. i know that i've spouted off about this before but it's the truth. i can feel my testimony grow as the children sing and bring the spirit into the room. this is my dream calling!!

phew, that was a lot of typing. i'm sure you're bored out of your gored. i'd like to now call out sarah p., sarah w., mom and dad, britta, monica. (did everyone else already do theirs? if not i'm calling you out too!) what's your "Top 7"?


Sarah Peterson said...

haha, I like your top 7 and no, it wasn't boring! I Love the picture of Jill in the sink- what a cute little spot!

nettie said...

oh, I love coming home after vacation too (especially if I was vacationing in a hotel--I HATE hotels), although I hate unpacking and have been known to put it off for a week...Jeff usually does the unpacking for me.

the wrights said...

We missed you so much at Wet 'n' Wild. first of all, I love that picture of jillian. I want to get a sink that comes with her perched inside. What a sweet face!!! Second, thanks a lot for tagging me for the top 7, now I won't be able to sleep at night thinking about it. Third, those bumbo chairs can go all the way up to 14 months old.

Valerie said...

Alisha, I love it! You are awesome...so much thought put into this. I just typed out the first 7 things to come to mind! Thanks!

and baby makes three said...

alisha, i got the highchair at ikea. jill should get one so they can be offical best friends. we will think of you tomorrow when we eat breakfast!

Rodrigo said...

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Mom and Dad Pete said...

Loved your top 7. I feel like you can just 'ditto' those for my top '7' too. I esp. loved Jill in the sink. She has such a sweet smile and is really a
quirky' little person like you.(like to do unusual things )

Mom and Dad Pete said...

Except maybe Tahoe--haven't been up there enough; and maybe dancing; I gave that up when I got married because I didn't have near the opportunities.

Bad Mama said...

Alisha I love Jill in the sink. I have enjoyed your blog now that Traci told me about it. I miss your laughing hard. Those were good times. Hey, why won't you be coming back to Fallon? I still need to meet Jill!