08 June 2007

Wet n' Wild

Jeffs aunt Lisa has the coolest tradition. Every summer she throws Wet n' Wild days. On Wed. we went to her home for the first one this summer. She started this 8 years ago and has held over 26 of them. We eat lunch, swim, and have fun with the cousins. We're so excited to have Jill participate now. Wed.'s theme was "Happy Birthday". Jill won the cake walk/swim so she got to pick the first cupcake. The group picture is the cousins that got to come this week. On the swing Jill was joined by sweet cousin Chole. The theme for next time is "itsy bitsy". I have to bring a small snack (i.e. little smokies) to share. Any ideas?


Valerie said...

That is the coolest tradition!! Was it anyone's birthday, or did she go to all of that trouble just to have a theme? Cool treat bags too! What GREAT fun!

Carrie got SO excited when I blew up the picture of Jill...she just wouldn't sit still on my lap! Kisses to Jill from her cuz Caroline!

Sarah Peterson said...

that sounds like tons of fun! Alisha- I love your swimmsuit, it's such a pretty color on you!

Taylor Tree said...

she was celebrating the "wet n' wild" birthday. it really is a fun tradition. every time she has a new theme. jill misses carrie too!!!!

Valerie said...

Oh my goodness!!! Jill has hair! I just noticed it...we're jealous!

nettie said...

so I have been thinking of some itsy bitsy snack ideas:
-they have mini cupcake tins, that make cupcakes that are bite sized (I know you had cupcakes at your last gathering, but I keep seeing that pic, and they are the first thing that comes to my mind)
-mini cookies, I know they have oreos, that are about the size of a quarter
-single serve pringle packs (they are kind of itsy)
-the small soda cans (i've seen them at target), though I probably wouldn't encourage kids to drink soda, so maybe something better like the mini water bottles (you know the short chubby ones--i think they are cute, and Morgan LOVES them)...or, since I am a dairyman's daughter the small milk chugs.

I like the lil smokies idea (reminds me of Mrs. Guisti). I'll keep thinking and looking.

I love this tradition, it's so fun. I also like all things miniature they are so cute. I'm kind of a sucker for them.

Mom and Dad Pete said...

arizonaWhat a neat tradition!I love it!I also love your hair short--it is so becoming and Jill is so sweet--I'll bet she is lots of fun,(esp. for the kids and relatives)