15 June 2007

there she goes

crawling from Alisha on Vimeo

if i were as computer savvy as sarah p. i would have that song "there she goes, there she goes again. . ." (you know the one) playing instead of my awsome voice in the background. alas, i haven't taken the time to learn how to put music to my videos so just sing that song out loud as you watch the video.
jills been working on crawling and last night she got it. she's been able to go foward for a couple of crawls but nothing too crazy before she falls or is distracted. well, we were at hayley's baby shower and jill crawled from me to hayley (approx 6 ft.) without pausing, straight forward. she didn't do quite as-well for the video but you can imagine. you'll notice that she has a little hitch with her right leg, i love it!!


the wrights said...

Go Jilli, go Jilli, it's your birthday!!! I can't believe she is crawling. Now she will have a whole new world to explore.

Valerie said...

She's doing so great! After seeing this, James has been working extra hard with Caroline. It's cute to see...