13 August 2007

6 generations

Joseph Smith Sr. sealed to Lucy Mack Smith begat Hyrum Smith sealed to Mary Fielding Smith begat Martha Ann Smith begat Mary Emily Harris begat Don Cecil Corbett (grave on right). ************************************************************
Thomas Clayton begat William Clayton begat Sarah Clayton.************************
Edward Partidge Sr. begat Edward Partidge Jr. sealed to Sarah L. Clayton begat Harriett P. Partidge.************************************************************************
William Atkins Gheen begat Amanda Trimble Gheen sealed to Heber C. Kimball begat Albert Heber Kimball sealed to Harriett P. Partidge begat Edward Partidge Kimball(grave on right ).*******************************************************************
John Young begat Brigham Young begat Phebe Louisa Young begat Hazel Young Beatie(grave on right).**********************************************************************
Edward Partidge Kimball sealed to Hazel Young Beatie begat Marion Young Kimball (grave on left).********************************************************************************
Don Cecil Corbett sealed to Marion Young Kimball begat Joanne Corbett begat Jeffrey C. Taylor begat Jeffrey D. Taylor begat Jillian Taylor. ***************************
Pretty cool heritage eh?


the wrights said...

Jillian has the blood of great prophets and leaders running in her veins. That is why she is so special. Also, because she is the cutest little 9 month old I know.

Mom and Dad Pete said...

Very cool!!!

ian said...

Oh wow remember the best part of the trip was at dinner with me though