20 August 2007

painting frenzy/10 months

last week i went on a painting frenzy. i started with my doorknobs. they were that ugly gold/brass color (sorry for any of you that have those). i hated the way they looked. yup thats right, spray paint baby! it was pretty fun. i was reminded of doing homecoming floats in h.s. i wanted to just buy new knobs but they're pretty pricey. spray paint will do for now. next was the rooster. i bought a ceramic rooster and my mother-in-law helped me paint it. she has a few more creative genes than me so i was grateful for her help. she actually is commissioned to paint these for people. the rooster looks great in the nook.

finally was toenails. jill and i haven't had our toenails painted for 10 months. i don't even remember the last time i painted my toenails. i was before i was pregnant sometime. it's pretty fun to have color back on them.

today jill is 10 months old. she's been free standing for seconds at a time a few times a day now. she'll be walking before i'm ready. i love seeing her crawl around. i'm not yet ready for her to keeping growing up. i love this stage soooooo much i just want her to stay the way she is.

i'm anxious though to see her next few months. it seems like each month is more and more fun. i love this baby.


Kristen said...

I never thought to spray paint door knobs. I have those yucky kind too! I really dislike them. I'm not into shiny gold. Ew! But new ones are too expensive. I think I may copy your idea!

Jill is so cute. It's really amazing how fast these kids have grown. I have been looking at Sam lately and he is getting SO BIG! I can't believe it.

Kristen said...

I forgot...love the rooster! I guess Jon will not be able to come to your house now. He's afraid of roosters. That's how I keep him out of our kitchen! ;)

Taylor Tree said...

what's to be scared of? it's a painted rooster!

Mom and Dad Pete said...

Kristen!you are so funny! Jon--afraid of roosters?LOL That's one way to keep the kitchen to yourself! Watch out --here comes decorator ,Alisha. I always knew you had it in you. Just a little prodding and --wala! Jill is a doll!

Bad Mama said...

Jill is so cute but alas Alisha, you and Traci didn't stay the age your mom and I wanted. Tough luck kid.