14 August 2007

first ponytail

jill got her first ponytail today. i'm not so sure she likes it. before she's 10 months heres her 9 month stats from a few weeks ago: 17 lbs and 27 inches long. i've moved her into size three diapers. they're a little big but she'll grow into them.


Kristen said...

So cute! I love it!!!

Kassi said...

Very cute! She is so little compared to my chunky man! He is already over 17lbs and has been in size 3 diapers for at least a month! I can't wait to have a girl and get to do the "hair thing"! Right now all I get to do is comb it down, and when it gets longer, all I get to do is cut it, rather than be excited to do more fun things!

H E A M said...

so cute. little jillian should be a hair model! can't wait to play tomarrow. -h