17 October 2010

don't judge

about a year ago i took my first Zumba class.
my teacher was spunky, fun, and a great dancer.
her name is val.
i was soon a regular booty shaker in her classes.
about six months ago she approached me to take over her class as her family was planning on moving.
though i was flattered, i was working full-time and didn't have the time to devote to Latin-fitness dancing.
a new teacher was found and val stopped teaching.
come to find out she didn't move.
unfortunately she was diagnosed with cancer, thus delaying their move and affecting her entire world.
check  her out here:
and here:

i am inspired by her.
music moves her and it  moves me.
i love dancing.
i love working-out.
Zumba is a fun blend of the two.
i really enjoy doing Zumba.
when i do Zumba i think of my first teacher, val.
as of yesterday, i am a certified Zumba instructor.
don't judge.
it's really fun.
 i feel a little shy about it but have decided to share...


Natalie said...

What are you talking about?! That's AMAZING!! Good for you! You'll be so awesome!

I'm so sad to hear about Val. :(

Britta said...

Congratulations! You are awesome at Zumba and I wish I could go to your classes.

Christine said...

SWEET!! Val is currently in the Ward in which we live. I haven't been to church to meet her, but I've heard so many good things about her. Where are you teaching Zumba? I've been wanting to go, but haven't because of my back issues. It would be fun to pop in on one of your classes and see a friendly face. :)

Tilleea said...

I think that's RAD! If I tried shaking my booty, people would get a good workout from laughing so hard! Maybe I should become an instructor?!

eric and monica said...

man, i wish i could be in your zumba class!!!!!! good luck alisha- you'll be great!

Karen K. said...

Thanks for posting about Val. I was really touched by her story. It must be awful to have to deal with the expenses of such an ordeal. I posted her donation request to my Facebook page. Every little bit helps so I hope my posting it will help too. Oh, and you will be a great Zumba instructor. It looks like so much fun!!!