27 October 2010

Crane Halloween Party

i found a stray cat and decided to keep it.
The local bruja cast a spell on me...

the spell was called,
apparently the spell worked.

at the annual crane halloween party
we found-out where jill's witch blood came from.

after eating soup and homemade bread we checked-out
some of the other crazy people.
great tradition.


Poppa and Grandma Netty said...

Oh My! I did have fun too. Jill and Camille were so darned cute and no one else could have pulled off your "Physical" look. A Great Time.

Sarah W. said...

Dayton pulled off that "hombre" look with his bright red hair and blue eyes. Dead ringer!

Britta said...

Oh, I'm so happy you've joined a family halloween party tradition! I grew up with that tradition and I miss it.

Love your costume. Love the "mouth gum" Ha ha!

MattnLiz said...

you all look great. you guys are too cute!!

Tilleea said...

I would've kept that cutie cat too! And oh my heck you crack me up! Where in the world did you find the spandex leggings and ankle wieghts? And without the "showing as much mouth gum as possible" the outfit wouldn't have been complete.

Britta said...

Oh Alisha! I'm tickled that you left comments on ALL of my Halloween posts. You've got extra bonus brownie points in my book. Thanks for making my day :)