21 October 2010

Q & A with Jillian

Jillian Taylor (4 years, 1 day)
yesterday was jill birthday.
she is now 4.
i am loving this stage in her life.
so many questions.
more comprehension.
helpful and creative.
we celebrated with a day at the zoo.
halloween birthday party coming soon.
favorite color: red
favorite phrase: "mom, take a picture"
(as evidence by the follow):
(note: i do not prompt the poses, facial expressions, etc)

she is incredibly strong and coordinated.
(as shown by scaling the door frame)
favorite animal: red butterfly
favorite movie: James and the Giant Peach
best friend: mommy and sister


Scott said...

What a beautiful family! Love the poses by Jill - she is definitely a mini-me for you, Alisha. Love you guys!

Caitlin said...

I love all the pictures of her. Yes she is your mini-me. I love her scaling the wall...I can't decide if that's more you or Jeff. Happy Birthday Jill! I can't wait to see you at the par-tay!!

Tilleea said...

she is so stinkin cute and funny! Happy Birthday!

eric and monica said...

Time to refill that paper towel roll, Alisha! LOL
We love your girls and can't wait to hang out with Jill again soon! Happy Birthday!