27 January 2009

running (or walking) to catch-up

i'm needing to catch -up on some previous happenings. . .
Caitlin and Ben moved to Maryland 2 weeks ago.
every time i say caitlin or ben's name jill says,
"k-k, ben gone."
we miss you two.
before she left though, caitlin wanted to join the expensive paper club.

very cool. glad to have you part of the club.

cam is now 8 months

and trying to keep up with jill.

more walking from Alisha on Vimeo.

(we try not to get dressed for the day if we can help it.)

when we do get dressed we like to head out to the park and enjoy the beautiful arizona winter weather and our fun neighbor kids.
jill isn't too concerned with catching up with them though...

to race or to smile from Alisha on Vimeo.


Lewieville said...

Camille looks like she is long and skinny! She is getting so big.

hays said...

i'm so glad that your put the camera down before she face-planted it.

we miss you guys. i need to snuggle that little walking-millie.

Britta said...

I read your getting dressed comment before watching the video, so wasn't surprised to see Camille in her diaper. I seriously busted up when Jill came into view in her underpants, though. That was a fun surprise.

Cait and Ben said...

LISH! Thanks for the shout-out. I can't believe Camille can do that! I love that distress noise she makes. You can't call it a cry but it needs a name to describe it. We miss you guys too and you need to stop paying Jillian to say our names. Love ya

LaTonya said...

Camille is walking so good with that! She looks so tall when shes naked lol That was so cute when they were all running! I love how Jill is watching you as she runs. I think Brooklyn was trying to cheat :)

Bad Mama & Papa said...

Somehow, Jill doesn't have your competitive spirit but your irresistible smile! Love you Alisha

And you better care. I don't do this blog stuff well.

Sarah Peterson said...

Jill is such a crack up... Brett says Livie could beat her in a race- wanna bet!!?

Cait and Ben said...

So I just realized I never commented on this post but I seriously thought I did! Saying goodbye to you guys that night was so hard! It's funny when you and I start to cry we always do the same little smile like, 'woops!' I love that Jill still has a faint memory of us. We are completely gone in Camille's mind I just know it! It's only been a little over 3 weeks since we've been gone but it feels like forever! You better make Jill do track she will be great but make sure and remind her she has to look for the hurdles. Love ya!