20 January 2009

here we go

it was a good speech.
this day will be in my children's history books.
best of luck President Obama.
the forever optimist in me hopes you will do
good for my family and nation.


sherri said...

What an exciting time for the nation! I pray for Obama that he will be concerned about the nation and its woes and seek to find the best way possible to fix them( and forget about all the party rules--just fight for the american people!)

Vickie said...

Ok, I'm done now. No, wait... one more... AH!
Honestly, I wasn't too thrilled with either candidate. I'm glad there are checks and balances. I hope he does a good job and makes the right changes ;).

Katie J. Layton said...

I don't like his policies, or his morals, but I truly pray that he will make good decisions for the nation. We definitely need some change.

Judy said...

Pleeeeeeeez post again so I don't have to keep seeing that picture! I can deal with it if I don't have to see it.