13 January 2009

finally...i'm back

blue-eyed babe
(actually her eyes aren't really blue.
they aren't really any one color.
kinda grey-blue-green.
people always ask me what color her eyes are and i say
"i don't know. you tell me. what do they look like today?")
brown-eyed babe
(actually really brown.
nobody has ever asked me what color her eyes are.
probably because they can tell by themself
that they are brown.
i do always get asked if i've cut her hair though.
for the record no.
i have never cut camilles' hair.
nor have i ever cut jills hair for that matter.
and yes, that is a cute little pony in camilles' hair.)

i thought i'd try something with jill about a week ago.
it worked.
now what?
am i suppose to make flashcards for every single word?
she's not reading, she's memorizing.
but i still think it's pretty cool.
camille started to pull herself up and walk a few weeks ago.
i guess she's trying to keep up with someone...

miller crusing couches from Alisha on Vimeo.


Kristen P. said...

Ummm...Alisha, reading is memorizing isn't it? You'd better watch out or she'll be smarter than you! I wish Sam would sit for more than five seconds so I could make him a little smartie pants, too.

hays said...

put her in a show. make some money off those mad skills.

the wife said...

kristen, she's not using phonics. i guess we should have done that first. oh-well. i just show them to her during dinner everynight. therefore she's already sitting and likes the attention.

Valerie said...

Oh my gosh, Alisha!!! Wow! That is too funny. I'd go to addition next. I think she could do it!

eric and monica said...

Thanks for posting... Nora loves to watch your girls. She keeps saying, "That's me!" Ha ha. So, was Camille in time out while you were prepping your little genius?! LOL!

Jonathon P said...

Your kids are too cute. The one picture of camille looking up, looks alot like you did when your were little.

LaTonya said...

Jill is the smartest 2 year old ever! That was so cute! Camille is a pro at walking on the couch. So sad our babies are getting too big! PS we are definitely going bowling!

nettie said...

that is very cool, what a smarty.

(It totally cracked me up when jeff said...are you showing it to the camera to prove that she's right? I don't know why, but I loled).

I don't really know what color my eyes are either, so I like Jill's eye color. it changes with the seasons.