11 January 2009

i am a nurse.

well, it's back to the grind. it is currently 1:04 am on sunday morning and i am sitting at a computer at the hospital awaiting orders from the doctor for a couple of my patients. it's been a pleasant night despite the bad omen and my nervousness of coming back to work after a nearly 10 month leave.
the emergency room can get pretty rowdy sometimes.
as i was driving to work i noted the full moon as if it was pointing the way back to the hospital, all the while laughing because full moon nights are when all the crazies come out.
i was never really superstitious until i started working in the er. no joke... full moons and when a storm is rolling in summon the weirdos and the difficult patients to come out and visit.
oh the stories i can tell.
but, tonight.
not bad at all.
if the other nurses read this now they would hate me.
that's another thing about the er. if things are going well, you can't talk about it or else it will change. change fast and change bad it does.
i'm not going to worry about it now though because lucky me gets to go home early tonight. when they called and needed help i said okay if i can do an eight hour instead of a twelve. (four hours might not sound like a lot but if you've been up all day, and then worked through the night...getting off at 3 am is much better than getting off at 7 am). i just wasn't quite ready to commit to the whole shift my first night back (especially on a full moon).
anyway, if by me mentioning it and the power of the moon brings chaos to the er i will be gone in 1.5 hours. (unless they ask me to stay. i can't say no very easily).
so, tonight.
a good night in the er.
saved one life for sure by the immediate action of me and few other talented hands.
good for us.
better for him.
hopefully, treated other lives for the improvement of their health.
i am a wife first, mother above else, sister, daughter, and friend always.
but tonight...
tonight, i am a nurse.


Scott said...

Good post, Alisha. I've heard of the full-moon crazies, too, from several sources, and in fact would experience the same at Excel Eye center, of all places.

hays said...

someday we'll have to rock it out til 3am in the er together.

Emily said...

I love this post too.....Kris says that the crazies come out on his police officer end too. I think that is sooo weird. Maybe I can connect it some how to 7th graders. Oh I forgot, they are always weird. I'm happy you are saving lives;) Good for him!

Lewieville said...

it is crazy how superstitions totally come true in the er! i have experienced it more often then i want to.... and say the er is slow or quiet, heaven forbid the nurses will have you head! :) love ya lisha wish we worked in the same er!

One BIG HAPPY Family said...

What ER do you work in? We frequent the ER quite often...in fact you should see me now. With my walker, can't put pressure on my left leg, nobody can touch my back or my leg. I'm a mess - really! Can you play a game of Bunco on Wednesday night? We need a sub or two or three. :) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!

nettie said...

we were really superstitious about full-moons back when I worked in blood bank also about mentioning that things were quiet. also, people who had normal names that were spelled weird (like Kymberleigh or Raychul) guarenteed to start hemorhaging or something else awful.

Whitaker Family said...

So I know what you mean with the full moon, when i was a teller at a local bank the weirdest things would happen on a full moon! Ok so email me, i dont have your email, then i will let you know where my parents kinda want to live and you can let me know what you all think. j h whita at hotmail.

4 cute chicks said...

I was giggling to myself when I read your post. Whenever I see a full moon the first thing I think of is work too.
Glad to hear that your first night back was a good one. I bet you're a terrific nurse :o)

Kristen P. said...

Full moon, true story. We were actually talking about this the other day at PT. There is some sort of gravitational pull or something. I experienced it working in the doctors office. Watch out, Scott!