17 August 2013

October 2012

Cactus Ranch has a fun program for the kids on their birthday month. They get to go to the library and pick a brand new book out. The book is then dedicated to the school from Jillian, her picture taken, displayed in the hall, and on her birthday they give her a shout-out and show the picture on the morning news. Of-course, Jillian picked the only book about bats. She has always loved bats.
The weather in ATX in Oct is still pretty warm but the mornings and evenings are really nice. For date night Jeff and I went on a boat tour of downtown Austin that finished by watching the bats fly.

At General Conference they announced an age reduction for missionaries. Coco was pretty excited about it.
Jeff has been growing out this hair. He says he wants to try and get it long enough to donate.
Jillian had been coming home from school in tears. She complained of headaches and just being so tired. My friends encouraged me to take her to the optometrist.  Sure enough she was straining to read up close. They have seemed to help but I sure hope she grows out of them like her daddy did.
With Halloween here there was a lot of costume parties. Jeff and I got to dress up as the Jock/Cheerleader couple for a Mystery Dinner Party.  I borrowed a uniform from my babysitter that night and had a blast acting crazy.
Coco is really loving the cooler weather and the big swing outside.  
My dear Grandma Pete passed away and got to join Grandpa in heaven. I just really love all these pictures of her. To this day the girls still pray for her and Grandpa. 

Camille had a fun party at her preschool. They all dressed up and sang a few songs for the parents.
Jillian turned 6 at the end of the month. She had a fun costume party.
She had a pumpkin cake and mummy cupcakes.
We did the traditional balloon launch.
And had to have a pinata, as always.
I really love her as my oldest. She strives to be obedient and works hard at being a good friend. She's very artistic, thoughtful, and athletic. She is my shadow when she's home and loves to be involved in all things I am. She is reserved around new people and lacks a little self confidence when it comes to new things, although she always proves more than capable. I'm so proud of the sweet girl that she is.  She's the perfect #1 in our little growing family.

We carved pumpkins a few days before Halloween. Jill choose the bat and Camille wanted the ghost.
We did a Superhero theme for Halloween. We had Wonder women, Cat women, and The Hulk. The kids literally ran from house to house with the capes flying. It was good times.

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