20 August 2013

November 2012

This is a poor picture angle but Coco starting planking this month. He can't walk or even crawl, but he can plank all day long.

This boy gets more handsome as the days go by.

The girl's had a great run this soccer season. I love to see them active but it's nice to not be so scheduled.

Camille's preschool class had a field trip to a working farm. We saw a lot of animals, saw a cow being milked, had a wonderful day.

This is Ava. She's Camille's best friend at the time and has been since.

This was my first year doing Thanksgiving by myself. Jeff invited all his employees to join us at the last minute. It was interesting to try and time everything to be warm with only one oven. This is the apple pie and rolls I made from scratch.

Here's the spread sans the Turkey that was being carved at the moment. It turned out pretty well. I was proud of my first try although hopefully I won't being doing it all every year.

After the feast and a little rest we donned out UT gear and headed to an evening game. I hope to make this an annual tradition. I'm so grateful for this family of mine.

The day after Thanksgiving we headed to the coast. It's only about 4 hours drive. Right when we saw the beach we parked and played. We even toured that huge carrier. It was pretty amazing.

Our hotel was only about two blocks from the beach. We could spend all day there. The kids are endlessly entertained and I'm relaxed. I love it.

We stopped by the Texas State Aquarium on the way home. It was such a dreamy holiday.


Britta said...

Wow, that last photo of the girls in front of the dolphin is stunning. Your girls are so sweet.

Britta said...

Love this post, too! Keep them coming!

Britta said...

This is not Britta - this is Scott. The Second comment, is, at least.