28 August 2013

January 2013

 I loved having no school during winter break. I tire of waking early and rushing about just to send Jill and Camille away. Even though I have a poor attitude about school I can easily see the progress in each of the girls. It has amazed me how much Jillian has learned. She is able to read and write full sentences and her stories are great.
Jill even decided to try riding the bus. (This is huge! Jill is very shy and hates new things.) We have been talking about it since the first day of school but she never wanted to try it out. Then one day she saw her crush on a bus and decided she wanted to try. I'm a little sad, because I actually really enjoyed picking her up but I'm proud of her growth.
Camille's preschool has really turned out great. She has learned almost all her letters upper and lower cases, and is working on site words. She also has the opportunity to me creative. On this day she brought a homemade kite to school and had a great time sharing with the other kids. I mean, look at that face!!
With the nice weather and time off school we explored a little. We hiked Mount Bonnell. It was settled by Mormons back in the day and then deserted when it flooded. It was a very simple little hike but proved to have a great view of the Colorado River.

Jeff always likes to take us all out on Sunday's for an 'adventure'. We almost always end up at Brushy Creek, near our home. It has a bridge with thousands of bats, and a river with frogs, fish, birds, and fireflies. A lot of the time I opt out with the boy so it's a little daddy-daughter evening.
Coco turned one on the 26th. This past year was a world wind with moving, baby, school, etc. But I think I've been the happiest yet. Coco is a big boy. He's 90% in weight and height. He was slow to crawl (10.5 months) and isn't interested in walking at all right now.  He shows a lot of interest in any type of sports ball and really loves to eat. If he finds a ball, or any toy for that matter, it is very quickly thrown upper hand with a loud grunt and smile.  Yes, he still goes by Coco. A few people have resisted the nickname but it has stuck. I had planned a small get together for his birthday but that morning me and Camille were throwing up so we just had a small family song and cupcake.
Despite him not walking, he has learned to climb. 
He's always getting attention from everyone for his bright blue eyes and beautiful curly hair.
This little boy has brought so much joy into our lives. I love his joules when his serious and his chubby cheeks when he smiles. He's perfect for our family. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this little man.

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