31 August 2013

Febuary 2013

My brother Jeff and his family moved to Houston right before the holidays. I am so happy to have more family close! We planned a long weekend to visit them and had a great time. Here we are at church, a whole long row taken.
They live about 45 mins from Galveston, so we had to make a quick trip to the beach. There was a huge pier with a mini-amusement park on it. The streets were alive with Marti Gras partying but the 'Pleasure Pier', as it was called, was totally dead. We practically walked onto every ride. We all had a blast.
The beach wasn't busy at all as it was a little chilly. The cooler weather didn't stop us.
My brother lives in a really nice, newer community...with alligators. It's crazy!! This is about 4 blocks from their house and right behind the elementary school. I was freaking out.
Jillian celebrated her 100th day of school with her class. They had to wear a shirt with 100 of something on it. We choose 100 letters and we cleverly put them in a Word Search.
Friends in our ward hosted a 'White Trash' karaoke party, complete with a root beer keg and all. It was a blast, and of course we all dressed up for the fun.
Jeff took the girls to their annual 'Daddy Daughter Dance' around Valentine's Day. They girls talk about this all year around. It's really a special event for them.
We have a really pesky squirrel in the backyard. He is bad! But still fun to watch. He has chewed through (twice) and ultimately ruined my hammock. Now he is eating all the bird seed. I have been watching a family of blue birds and cardinals enjoy my backyard. Now the squirrel is ruining it.  
Back in October I started teaching Zumba at the YMCA. At my evening classes, I average 45-65 people. I'm still so conflicted about wanting to teach. Sometimes I feel like I'm being a total egomaniac by being on stage with a mic, blaring the music, and I hate that feeling. Other times, I talk to students that have lost over 100 lbs with exercise and find my inspiration and fun in my class.  Jeff doesn't love me teaching Zumba, he thinks is really silly and annoying, but he knows I love to exercise so he's only a little supportive. I think I just really want to move away from the fitness-dance and into a more fitness-athletic realm. I don't know what I'm going to do.  Here I am right before one of my evening classes.  

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