16 August 2013

September 2012

Our first September in Texas brought football fever. We all got to go to a couple Texas games. The stadium and whole atmosphere is amazing.

Camille had her first day of Preschool and of-course it was a breeze. She didn't quit understand why it didn't last as long or as many days as Jillian's school.

As the girls get older and are off to school I see them drifting apart a little. I really hate it. I have actually seriously considered home school and have talked to several people that do it. We will stick with public for now, but I'm happy to know my options. I cherish after school moments.

Jillian has always been very coordinated and really enjoys sports. She got on a great soccer team with friends and excellent coaches. I hope to stay with this group as long as we can. 

Our garden produced all summer and ended it's run with a delicious watermelon. It was awesome.

I love breastfeeding my babies. Unfortunately, I start to run out of milk around 6-8 months. Bottle feeding isn't all bad. I enjoy the freedom it gives me and Jeff likes to get to hold and feed the babies...maybe a little too much.  

My life and future.

Although Camille is less enthusiastic about soccer I know she likes to be outside and run around.
With school in full swing, I often missed Jillian so much I had to go pull her out early. She didn't mind.

Pure awesome.

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Scott said...

Thanks for catching us all up on your life. I love these posts!