24 August 2013

December 2012

Jillian's school did a career day. This picture cracks me up big time. Here best little friend from the class is in the pink, Merritt. Her first major crush is the boy, Caden. Yes, she is trying to hold his hand. They would often play imaginary football, race, dungeon, etc together. She was so into him it was funny.
I took the kids down to the Round Rock Christmas party.  They closed off all downtown streets and had free food and hot chocolate. It was fun but super congested with people.
Our ward throws the greatest holiday parties. At the end of the Christmas party the children sang a few carols, they even had three young violinist.
The girls got to sit on Santa's lap and they weren't shy at all.
Coco wasn't too sure about the whole situation.
Camille has one of the greatest imaginations. She found a large paper sack and turned it into a "ninga dress".  She then proceeded to jump and kick around the house for the remainder of the day.
A town, Burnett, about 45 mins away does a full-on Bethlehem thing each year. It was amazing. They have built real life size structures that may have existed at the time Jesus was born. They have a candle shop where they are actively dipping wax, a prison tower with prisoner's, a tavern with patrons, live animals, soldiers, and peddlers. Besides the manger scene my favorite is the bread they make and give out. It's really amazing. I'm hoping to make this an annual tradition.
I really miss the snow during the winter time. One night while facetiming with my parents they showed us the recent snowfall. I proceeded to ask Mom if she'd do a snow angels for the girls. She obliged. We were laughing to tears about. I love my mom so much.
Austin has a pretty cool tradition. They have a Trail of Lights in one of the downtown parks. They also have this huge light show set to music at a downtown coffee shop. After the show they give out a map of all the coolest Christmas light houses. It was fun.
Here we are on Christmas Sunday.
Christmas morning was a hit. 
A few favorite presents include a bow and arrow,
a large bouncy ball,
and Jenga.
2012 was such a great year for our family. Coco came, we settled in Texas, Jillian started school, Jeff's business grew, and many more wonderful blessing happened. I hope 2013 is just as good!

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